Sunday, 8 May 2011

Assorted memories.

Sometimes life moves so fast, that we tend to forget what mattered. I remember while leaving Bangalore, all my friends cried and promised that we will always remain friends and stay in touch. Now when I call them I am greeted by a “I’m busy” or “I’ll call you later”.  Those people who became an important part of my life and never wished to part with them now don’t seem important. My thoughts were beckoned by hot steaming coffee. While lying on my couch and peeing out of my window I began to think about the past which shaped my present and my present which is sculpturing my future. The things which were a part of me. Their memories refuse to fade of...

* passing chits in the class. I love the way we would stealthily pass the chits so the teacher wouldn’t see them. The ultimate consequences would be detention.
*the long phone calls to friends and friends of friends in which go on and on till our parents yell at us.
* going out to eat ice-creams in the night with our pajamas on.
*Eating gol-gappas at roadside stalls and fighting to pay the bill.
*Dancing to the tunes of latest songs.
*Sleepovers! How can I ever miss them out?
*Cooking something which turns out to be terrible.(I loved the way my dad praised it)
*Bad hair days and mood swings.
*Those picnics in which we would go singing in the bus all the way.
*Movies which made our heart melt. We would memorize the dialogues and repeat them next time we would watch the movie.
This blog has become a catalyst. A key that has unlocked so many memories.
These small things make life worth living. Isn’t it?

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